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Does your child need glasses?

Well, according to statistics, approximately one out of five children needs to wear glasses to see correctly.

It is often difficult to tell if your child needs glasses. Kids are often more reluctant to talk about difficulty with vision. Here are some signs that your child may have an undetected vision problem.

1) Do they Squint? Do you ever notice your child scrunching up their face while looking at something far away or nearby? Children often squint their eyes in an attempt to see more clearly. Squinting improves vision by slightly changing the shape of the eye.

2) Does your child sit too close to the TV? Sitting very close to the television or lowering the head while reading or watching a tablet are often signs of nearsightedness. Nearsighted children generally have clear vision at a close range and poor vision at a distance.

3) Does your child rub their eyes? Often allergies can cause a child to rub his eyes. Sometimes it is just sleepiness. However, rubbing the eyes is also a sign of eye fatigue and can be a sign of all types of vision problems.