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Dry Eye Treatment for Calgary, AB

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Calgary, located north of Calgary, shares the same climate and pretty Alberta scenery as all the surrounding communities. While the crisp, fresh air and high altitude of the area can be energizing, unfortunately, many people also find that it irritates their eyes. Dry eye syndrome is a common problem in Calgary, and our eye doctors are very experienced in diagnosing and treating this annoying eye condition!

Dry eye can lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, such as soreness, redness, burning or stinging, scratchy eyes, and swollen eyelids. These painful symptoms can get in the way of enjoying daily life and accomplishing all that you want to get done! Fortunately, our dry eye specialist can offer you lasting relief from your painful vision. Dr. George Fung serves Calgary, AB, with a range of dry eye treatments – personalized to help resolve what’s bothering your unique eyes. We won’t simply tell you to use over-the-counter eye drops or hot compresses from the local pharmacy! Every patient is different, and everyone experiences dry eye differently. Our optometrist will perform a thorough eye exam to figure out the cause of your dry eye and treat it to restore your comfortable sight.

At Calgary Dry Eye Treatment Centre, we offer treatments such as punctal plugs, LipiFlow, BlephEx, amniotic membrane therapy, scleral contact lenses, and more… If you suffer from dry eye in Calgary, AB, contact us for relief!