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Check Out Our Full Randolph Engineering Selection in Alberta’s Airdrie area!

ALLSport™ Polarized Lenses

Avid outdoor enthusiasts can now use one frame for everything under the sun. The new ALLSport™ Polarized Lens Series for the Ranger XLW™ will protect your eyes from impact, distracting glare, and much more while improving contrast and reducing eye fatigue. Can your sunglasses do that?


Ranger XLW™

This is serious style for serious shooters. Designed from the ground up by our team of experienced optical engineers, the XLW™ is the industry’s first 8-base wrap frame specifically made for sport shooting. While some wrap eyewear may distort your vision, the XLW lenses are always 100% distortion free. For an added edge, the optional military inspired bayonet temples are designed to fit comfortably under any headwear or ear protection.


  • adjustable nose bridge for a custom fit
  • 8-base wrap frame
  • interchangeable polycarbonate lenses
  • offset nose pads to prevent fogging
  • bayonet style temples
  • optional Rx insert
  • lifetime solder joint warranty
  • made in USA

Ranger Edge™

Co-Designed by the shooting industry’s top opticians, the Edge combines a sleek design with professional optical performance.

Combining protection from both projectiles and harmful UV radiation, the Ranger Edge helps you keep your eyes on target and your aim true. Randolph Engineering Ranger Edge features lenses that are perfect for sharp vision even if you need prescription eyewear.

  • Lifetime solder joint warranty
  • Reduced distance between lenses
  • Adjustable nose bridge and arms for a custom fit
  • Interchangeable NexPC lenses
  • Angular lenses to prevent fogging
  • Package includes EDGE frame, micro-fiber carrying pouch, Maintenance Kit, cleaning cloth, and semi-rigid nylon carrying case
  • A premium case with lens storage for up to 3 lenses is included with purchase
DrBarryNolt Ranger Edge Shooting Glasses.jpg

Ranger Classic

As Randolph Engineering’s first shooting frame, the Ranger set the standard for safety, comfort, and target enhancement. Its lightweight, high-tech alloy frame with dual-action spring temples is made for all-day comfort and maximum durability. For those who know the difference between superior performance and passing fashion, the Ranger continues to be the classic choice for shooting eyewear. A note for opticians: This style is also available with straight eye prongs that can be bent to fit thicker prescription lenses. Call 800-541-1405 for more information.


  • classic design
  • comfort brow bar
  • interchangeable polycarbonate lenses
  • adjustable nose pad arms for additional comfort
  • cable temples with comfort fit covers
  • lightweight alloy frame
  • lifetime solder joint warranty
  • made in USA

ColorMag™ Lens Technology

When a split second counts, you want every possible edge. Change the way you see orange with ColorMag™ (CMT) lenses. See up to 250% more orange light than a standard lens without affecting other colors. This lens technology is available exclusively from Randolph Engineering.

ranger classic colormag

Lens Technology

From any shooting discipline to fishing and hunting, quality lenses will not only protect your eyes from numerous hazards, they’ll actually elevate your performance and prevent your eyes from becoming fatigued. Those who are serious about the quality of their vision depend on Ranger lenses to perform, no matter the goal.

Although all Ranger lenses absorb 100% of UV rays and are molded at above industry standard thickness for your protection, the best advantages to wearing our lenses are enhanced definition and optical clarity. Unlike other shooting lenses, Rangers are made with distortion-free optical-grade polycarbonate. This gives you the level of protection you need while not compromising the quality of your vision.

We don’t have flashy names for our basic lens tints- An orange lens is called “Orange”. This straight-forward approach is designed to assist you in choosing the correct lens tint for any given situation. With over 15 tints to choose from, you can be sure you’ll find the tints you need to enhance your performance.

Choosing the right lenses

Any serious shooter or outdoor enthusiast will benefit from the right lens tints, although choosing which tints will work for you can be difficult. Here are 3 important factors to consider while selecting your tints:
Confidence Level – What tints have you used in the past? Most likely, the tint you’re most accustomed to will give you the most comfort and confidence while shooting.

Light Conditions – The trick is to get your eyes as focused as possible. Your pupils regulate the amount of light that enters your eyes – just like a camera shutter. In low light, your pupils enlarge to allow more light into your eyes. As a result, your eyes become less focused. In bright light, your pupils decrease in size and allow your eyes to focus on distant objects. A simple rule to get maximum focus on a target is to use a lens tint that lets as much light in as possible without squinting your eyes. To follow this rule, you’ll need different lens tints to use in varying light conditions.

Background – What background are your targets in front of? You’ll want to use different lens tints according to the colors of your background to highlight your target. For instance, if you’re shooting orange clay targets in front of green trees, you’ll most likely want purple or vermilion lenses that dull greens and highlight oranges. If your background has glare, such as water, you’ll most likely want to use a polarized lens. See the tint descriptions on the next page as a guide to help you choose the lenses that are right for you.

Over 15 tints are available, each named after the color of the lenses – to make it easy and efficient for you to choose. In order to select the best tint for you, we advise that you consider the light conditions and always use a tint that allows the maximum amount light to enter without needing to squint your eyes. You’ll also want to check that the lens tint spotlights your targets adequately against their background. Remember that each respective tint will upgrade performance under different conditions, and you may need to have a few tints of Randolph Ranger glasses on hand to compensate for changes in your surroundings. To cite a few popular examples of our lens tints:

  • Medium Yellow (our most common yellow tint) is highly effective at highlighting orange clay targets and upgrading contrast when light is minimal.
  • Brown is ideal for diminishing light under very bright conditions and for identifying the brown hues of game birds.
  • Vermilion is extraordinary for shooting when you’re surrounded by bright greenery. It spotlights orange hues while toning down the green, and it gives people with color vision deficiency a new edge on shooting well.

Lens Tints

ClearLens Clear (42)- For eye protection, poor lighting, and indoor ranges. Offers no color contrast. Safety lens for hand loading. LT- 90.71% RangerBronzeLens Ranger Bronze (50)- Offers high contrast for bright days. Great choice for desert terrain. Excellent lens for hunting and snow conditions. LT-16.49%
PaleYellowLens Pale Yellow (48) - Brightens and contrasts colors in low light conditions. Excellent lens for hunting or target shooting at dusk, dawn, or evening under lights. LT-90.72% VermilionLens Vermilion (46)- Terrific lens for shooting
against green backgrounds. Works well
for those with red-green color deficiency.
Highlights orange and dampens green.  LT-
MediumYellowLens Medium Yellow (52) - Highlights orange clay targets and enhances contrast in low light or overcast conditions. Our most popular yellow tint. LT-83.69% LightPurpleLens Light Purple (47) - Provides excellent
contrast of orange targets against green
background or sky. It dampens the green
and enhances the orange target against
trees. LT-61.67%
YellowLens Yellow (43)- Works well for darker,
overcast conditions, dusk, or dawn. Great
lens for rifle or pistol shooting with black
and white targets. LT-85.35%
DarkPurpleLens Dark Purple (51) - A great lens for very
bright conditions. Provides contrast of
orange targets against a deep blue sky.
An excellent lens for glare reduction and
snow. LT-30.33%
OrangeLens Orange (45)- Excellent all around lens
for orange clay targets. Blocks haze and
blue light, and enhances the orange of the
target. LT-71.33%
GrayLens Gray (41)- Neutral tint that does not
distort colors. Does not enhance orange
targets, but is useful in bright sunlight.
Good driving lens. LT-54.28%
SunsetOrangeLens (1) Sunset Orange (49) - Great in bright,
hazy conditions. Slightly darker than
orange to absorb scattered blue light, for
contrast. Enhances visual acuity. Great
lens for hunting. LT-61.66%
 BlueLens Blue (57)- Custom lens tint for
highlighting green targets, exclusively.
Not recommended for bright conditions.
BrownLensx Brown (44)- Light reducing lens for
bright, glaring days with an open
background. Great for picking up brown
hues when hunting game birds. LT-34.72%
ColorMagLens ColorMag™ (53)- Intensifies orange
targets against any background. See up to
250% more orange light than a standard
lens without affecting other colors.  LT-

LT = luminous transmittance

ALLSport™ Polarized Lenses

GrayPolarizedLens Gray Polarized (56)- This general purpose lens works well in a variety of conditions. It offers absolute true color reception without distortion, and can be worn all day with minimum eye fatigue. It’s ideal for maximum glare reduction in intense sunlight. Works well for driving. LT-17%
MossYellowPolarizedLens Moss Yellow Polarized (54)- This is an excellent lens for dusk and dawn, overcast conditions, or in shadowed areas. Not recommended for bright conditions. Works well for hunting, target shooting, fishing and cycling. LT-31%
CopperPolarizedALLSportLens Copper Polarized (55)- This lens blocks undesirable blue light while improving contrast in other colors. Excellent for shooting targets against a green background on a bright day. Also great for sight fishing. LT-12%


All Randolph Engineering frames and lenses available through Browz Eyeware

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We are excited to announce that our McLeod Trail office has officially merged with our 130th ave location to provide our patients with extended hours, updated technology, and optimal care. Come visit us at our new home!

McLeod Trail & South Trail Crossing Merger

We are excited to announce that our McLeod Trail office has officially merged with our 130th ave location to provide our patients with extended hours, updated technology, and optimal care. Come visit us at our new home!