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Ortho-k in Calgary, AB

Superior Skill and Experience in Ortho-k Vision Correction

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Ortho-k, officially termed orthokeratology, refers to a method of vision correction in which you wear rigid gas permeable lenses while sleeping. These specialized lenses are inserted at bedtime and removed when you awaken. Through the night, they gently mold your cornea – thereby correcting refractive error. The next day, you’ll be able to see clearly without any eyewear. The effects are temporary though, and you must wear these revolutionary ortho-k lenses nightly in order to maintain sharp vision during the daytime.

At present, ortho-k specialists work with two brands of lenses that are FDA-approved: Vision Shaping Treatment (VST), from Bausch & Lomb, and Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), from Paragon Vision Sciences. For more information about these types of ortho-k lenses, please schedule a consultation in our Calgary eye care center. Our eye doctors are highly qualified and experienced in vision correction with ortho-k.

Who are the best candidates for ortho-k in Calgary, AB?

Ortho-k is typically a good method of vision correction for people between the ages of 10 and 30, with healthy eyes and mild to moderate nearsightedness. In particular, our patients who do not qualify for LASIK procedures are often great candidates for ortho-k. This includes children who are too young for laser surgery, or people with certain eye conditions.

Many people who spend extensive time in dirty and dry environments or participate in active sports find ortho-k to be ideal! It eliminates the need for cumbersome eyeglasses and wearing contact lenses that often become uncomfortable under these conditions. If you engage regularly in water or land athletics, or you are simply tired of glasses and contact lenses interfering with daily tasks, we invite you to our Calgary practice for a meeting with our ortho-k specialists. In particular, sports-minded teenagers who have myopia love the convenience of ortho-k.

Ortho-k is also beneficial for people who suffer irritation from dry eye or eye allergies. These lenses can help you avoid the discomfort that may be experienced when wearing contact lenses.

How successful are the results of ortho-k?

Orthokeratology aims to correct your eyesight to 20/20 without any daytime eyeglasses or contacts. FDA trials demonstrated that over 65% of ortho-k patients were able to see with 20/20 visual acuity after wearing these reshaping lenses overnight. In addition, an incredible 90% of ortho-k wearers achieved 20/40 visual acuity (the legal requirement for driving without vision correction in most states)!

Typically, the milder your prescription, the better your results. If you already have a current vision prescription, call our Calgary, AB, optometrist to inquire if your prescription is within the parameters that can be treated well with ortho-k lenses.

Are the results of ortho-k immediate?

Officially, ortho-k lenses can take up to a few weeks until they reach their full effect. However, many of our patients report that they notice significant improvement after only one night.

During the first few weeks after you begin wearing these vision shaping lenses, your vision may not be as clear you are used to with glasses or contacts. In addition, you may see halos or glare around lights at night. However, these side effects dissipate rapidly.

Who fits ortho-k lenses in Calgary, AB?

We do! Our eye doctors are ortho-k specialists, and we have fit and treated many patients successfully. Generally, an ortho-k fitting takes longer than with standard contacts, because it necessitates a series of office visits. That’s why we use advanced technology and digital optics to evaluate the shape of your cornea, and we won’t compromise on your comfort or vision clarity. We will work with you patiently to ensure a precise fit for your ortho-k lenses. This is the only way to correct your refractive error with optimal accuracy and wearing comfort.

Are you interested in learning more from your local ortho-k specialists? We’ll be pleased to meet with you in our convenient Calgary, AB, office.

We are excited to announce that our McLeod Trail office has officially merged with our 130th ave location to provide our patients with extended hours, updated technology, and optimal care. Come visit us at our new home!

McLeod Trail & South Trail Crossing Merger

We are excited to announce that our McLeod Trail office has officially merged with our 130th ave location to provide our patients with extended hours, updated technology, and optimal care. Come visit us at our new home!