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Responsible gun safety includes protective shooting glasses

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Ranger Edge Shooting Glasses

Responsible gun safety includes protective eyewear.

Gun safety is all about taking the necessary precautions to insure no one is injured by your firearm.

While it is true that gun owners tend to be highly responsible with firearm safety, one safety precaution that is often overlooked is eye safety. Many people that head to a shooting range realize the importance of wearing protective glasses, but many people do not realize the difference between safety glasses that you would wear while working in the garden or in a factory and ballistic shooting glasses.

Simple safety glasses and ballistic shooting glasses are different. Safety glasses are designed to stop debris from things like a weed wacker from getting into your eyes. Ballistic glasses have met the military requirement for ballistic resistance testing and the ANSI requirement for high velocity impacts.

An example of ballistic shooting glasses that we carry at Browz Eyewear is the RE Ranger from Randolph Engineering.

Randolph Ranger shooting glasses utilize NexPC™ ballistic-tested lenses in order to offer 6x better impact resistance. They are lightweight, aerodynamic high-tech alloy frames as well as offset nose pads to prevent fogging. There is of course a lifetime guarantee on every pair.