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RCMP/Police Contrast Sensitivity Testing

This evaluation is used for police officers who have undergone any type of laser refractive surgery. It tests visual sensitivity to seeing contrast. This exam needs to be administered by a Canadian optometrist/ophthalmologist.

Requirements for the RCMP:

Visual acuity

Vision with glasses or contacts: Must be at least 6/6 (20/20) in one eye and 6/9 (20/30) in the other.

Vision without glasses or contacts lenses: Must be at least 6/18 (20/60) in each eye OR 6/12 (20/40) in one eye and at least 6/30 (20/100) in the other eye.

This is the minimum vision acuity required for safe performance during service if glasses or contact lenses get lost or broken during.

Field of vision

Must be at least 150 degrees continuous along the horizontal meridian and 20 degrees continuous above and below fixation with both eyes open and examined together.

Color-vision testing

Using the Ishihara pseudo-isochromatic plates, color-vision is considered normal if at least 17 of 21 patterns can be correctly identified by the applicant.

If required, another test will be conducted, the Farnsworth D-15 test. If an applicant passes the Farnsworth D-15 test, they will be assessed as meeting the color vision requirements.

Ocular disease

Applicants can not have any ocular diseases which can impair their vision.

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