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Browz cycle for sight

With our high quality, full eye care services and friendly optometrists, it’s no wonder that Browz Eyeware has all the leading practices in Calgary.  For over 13 years we’ve served Alberta residents with our expert skill and experience, in our five offices located conveniently in Bridgeland, Airdrie, Macleod Tr., Douglasdale and Panorama Hills.

We’ll provide you with exceptional and professional care for all your vision needs. Comprehensive eye exams for adults and children, contact lens fittings for hard-to-fit conditions, eye disease treatment, co-management of laser procedures, eye emergencies and more… Name your visual or ocular requirement, and we’re here for you.

We Provide Sharp Vision & A Perfect Fit

Our staff takes pride in staying on top of all the latest technology and advances in eye care. When you visit our offices in Calgary, we will assure that your prescription and diagnosis will be highly accurate. With appreciation for each patient as a unique individual, we will get to know you, your lifestyle, and your visual needs and goals. Based upon this relationship, we’ll advise you on the most appropriate treatments for your eyes and the best fit for your eyewear.

We look forward to maintaining your eye health and providing you with clear vision and a comfortable fit! Contact us at one of our offices, in Airdrie, Douglasdale, Bridgeland, Macleod Tr. and Panorama Hills, to schedule a consultation.

Eye Care for Those in Need

Our team at Browz Eyeware is devoted to treating the eyes of our community members in need. With gratitude to our many neighborhood residents who support us, we believe in the importance of giving back through various outreach and charity initiatives.


Different promotions and deals are available for a limited time. Keep a lookout for what’s on offer in our Calgary stores!

FitLight Training

FitLight is a wireless, flexible training system that can be adapted for all sports, with the purpose of improving agility and hand-eye coordination. Call for info about our training sessions.